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Fifth Program in Pula, Croatia---February 28, 2013

By : 
Bhaktin Lara


     Unlike previous programs, we were only four (Misra Purandara , Sivanada Sena , Namacarya and me,.Lara). After we went through the  routine checks we proceded into our now standard room for programs.

Third Program in Pula, Croatia---December 13, 2013

By : 
Bhaktin Lara

     The third program in the Pula prison (Croatia), held on December 13th, was somewhat different. Again, the visiting group was Namacarya das, Sivananda Sena das, Misra Purandara das, Malati Mala dasi, Nadya Nimai das and me. This time, only one inmate attended– the inmate librarian. He was quite happy to be alone sitting on a chair in the middle of the hall. This scene would make a very good picture, I thought.

You can be Free and Happy Within Prison Walls

By : 
Mother Vinata, from Rejika Croatia

"Where is your tilak?“ Candramauli Swami asked us as we gathered in front of Karlovac vege restaurant club, managed by local devotees, preparing to go for a preaching progam in a nearby prison. Quickly running to refresh my already invisible vaisnava marking, I overheard Maharaja quoting Prabhupada on the importance of wearing tilak and vaisnava clothes and remembered Sridhar Maharaja's instruction, "If you are unable to preach by explaining philosophy, just dress as a Vaisnava and go out. You will be a walking advertisment for Krsna consciousness.“

Pula and Valtura, Croatia, October 2012

By : 
Lara Orlic

On October 10th,ISKCON had its first program in Pula Prison. Eight devotees were present. HH Candramauli Swami gave the lecture. A very special person was also with us, Candra Prabhu from the U.S., who is employed in Oregon state jail as a counsellor, and also volunteers as a religious counselor. Mother Saci Mata did the translating, Divya Prabhanda Prabhu played harmonium and lead kirtan, Namacarya Prabhu played mridanga. Organizers of the program and also the karatal players were Nadia Nimai Prabhu and his wife Mother Malati Mala.And me, with the special task of writing a report on the event.

Zagreb and Lepoglava, Croatia--July/August 2012

By : 
Mahasimha dasa

Dear Maharaja
Please accept my respectful obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Al glories to you!

Please let me inform you about the latest news regarding the donation of
Srila Prabhupada's books in the prison libraries of the Republic of Croatia.

Two days after you've delivered a lecture at the prison in Rijeka, I sent a
request to Department of Justice for consent to distribute books in prisons
of Zagreb and Lepoglava. After two weeks we have received approval from the
Ministry and on Jun 14th I and Sraddha dd have personally
delivered books

Croatia - 5 Jail Programs in 9 Days-May 2012

We have just returned from our fifth prison program in the last 9 days. On May 22nd we visited a prison in Rejika Croatia the 23rd it was Celje Slovenia where one inmate, after reading two books we distributed, called our temple in Ljubljana and asked to get japa beads.

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