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Preaching in Prison

Preaching in Prison

Helping an inmate to read Bhagavad-gita
2-2012 “A little update on myself. I have been housed in a dorm with an inmate who had kept a Gita in his locker for years, trying to read it several times but never making it through. Well, he saw me with my copy one day and asked me if I knew anything about the book. I told him yes and now we have discussions about it almost every day. The opportunity to preach on such a regular basis has really enlivened m Krsna consciousness and I’m so glad Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai give me these opportunities to preach.”
Bhakta Carl Sheppard

I would be overjoyed to meet with a devotee face-to-face
“Our chaplain seems to be very helpful, and I’m sure he would be open to any volunteer devotees who wanted to be of assistance. A service or study could be held on a weekly or monthly basis. There is also an evening mentor meeting once a month where a volunteer can meet with an inmate in the chapel for 2 ½ hours; that would also be an option, it all depends on the availability of the devotee. I want to learn all I can about Krishna, and would be overjoyed to meet with a devotee face-to-face who would help guide me. I would be eternally grateful.”
Ricky Jones
Huntsville, Texas

The BTGs have been enthusiastically received
“The BTGs are kept hidden in the chapel and not put out for anyone to take. So…each Friday morning I get a stack of them and take them out to the yard to give to the guys. The BTGs have been enthusiastically received. I make sure everyone knows they are welcome to come to the chapel on Friday mornings.

We’ll read from the Krsna Book
"Maybe next week people will come. It would be fortunate for anyone coming to hear about Krsna Janmastami. We’ll read from the Krsna Book on the Friday preceding and after, on the birth of Lord Krsna, born in an prison…”
Bhakta Gerald Niles
Daytona Beach, FL

I am still chanting 8 rounds
“Yes, I am still chanting 8 rounds. Not that I count it, but my new routine has also slightly increased my chanting when I ride the cardio bike. Forty minutes of maha mantra while riding the bike; no beads, just “mumbling” as the guy who is on the stair-stepper next to me says. As a bonus, he now says “Hare Rama” to me when we pass each other on the tier, so he’s chanting, sort of.
Allen just came at my door. I gave him the picture you just sent because he had none and I told him I passed his contact info to you. He is very sincere. I give him the BTGs to read before we donate them to the chapel library.”
Bhakta Gary
Salem, Oregon

Not a day goes by in here without me letting a few people know about Krsna
“I passed the newsletter to several other inmates who had never even heard the names “Hare Krsna”. So I am happy to say that IPM is succeeding in starting conditioned souls on the path of Krsna bhakti, thus saving them from the greatest type of fear. Not a day goes by in here without me letting a few people know about

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