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Excerpts of Letters

Excerpts of Letters

By : 
Various inmates


Blessed be Mr. Prabhupada
Devotees, greetings, be blessed, and blessed be Mr. Prabhupada. He really was a gifted man of God. (…) I got your beautiful magazine today. I reat it and put the pictures on my wall. I have 7 pictures of Krsna on my walls. I am just doing my time, one day at a time. II chant on my beads every day. I am a vegetarian and all my food goes to Lord Krsna.
Michael Wooten
Mt.Olive, WV

I whispered the mantra in the ear of a friend
Dear Bhakti-lata dasi, thank you for your beautiful letter. I read everything you sent. I’m chanting the maha-mantra, and last night I whispered it in the ear of a friend I was going to AA with. I’ve been incarcerated 24 years, 10 months. I come up for parole next year.
I’ve been on the spiritual path in here for almost

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