HOLY JAIL: Freedom Within Captivity

Candramauli Swami compiled a book called HOLY JAIL, documenting the history and activities of ISKCON Prison Ministry.

You can read about this book in detail on: http://holyjail.moonfruit.com/

It is a full sized book containing 264 pages with many
full color photos.

If you have any question about the book itself, please contact Candramauli Swami at:

To read more about this book go to: http://namahatta.org/en/node/11454

CORRECTIONS: Unfortunately, the following mistakes slipped by in the production of this book:

The art work entitled "unknown artist" on Pages:
25,27,40,43,48-49,60,62,68,113,116,118,143,184,186,188,193,200,203,209 and
the last color photo located in the last photo section,were draw by inmate
Brian Babinski.These drawings were formerly placed in inmate Tirtha Das's
works entitled "The Definitive Guide to Practicing Krsna Consciousness in
Prison" (2005) and Prisoner Me" (2006).

Also, on page 69 (Gaudiya Math) should read Gaudiya Vaisnava Society

We sincerely apologize for these oversights. Hare Krsna.

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