Hare Krsna Concert in Zenica, Bosnia---January 16, 2013

By : 
Dhira-prasanta das
A team with inmates and prison personel
Prison Wall


     On this occasion our transcendental rock band, which we named "Mantra Band," held a concert for inmates and employees at the prison in Zenica. The members of this band are: Daksa Prabhu (bass guitar), Yajna-nemi Prabhu (lead guitar), bhakta Halid (drums) and myself (rhythm guitar).

     We performed six rock bhajans, all with just Maha Mantra as lyrics, to the satisfaction of some 150 prisoners and nearly 50 employees (security guards).

     Although the text of the songs was highly unusual for the audience, the band was well received, which was proved by loud applause at the end of each song. After the concert, 76 kgs of prasadam-clementines (a variety of tangerines) were given to the inmates.

     After the concert, we spent pleasant moments in a cordial talk with the prison director Mr. Nihad Spahic and his assistant for prison cultural events, Jasenko Karovi├Ž. On that occasion, they expressed their gratitude and satisfaction, urging the devotees to further co-operation, with the aim of pacifying prisoners. With this purpose, our devotees are expected to hold a series of lectures and concerts of traditional spiritual music, not only in this but in other prisons in BiH as well.


     Besides Nandi┼ívara prabhu, Vrisabha prabhu and the band members, this action was also supported by other devotees. So bhakta Mustafa and his wife Mataji Lalita dd donated clementines, and Damodar-prema Prabhu secured a comfortable van from his firm; he also drove and photographed. A cheerful atmosphere prevailed in the van, not only because of happiness that comes from devotional service and association of devotees, but also from tasty sandwiches carefully prepared for our team by Mataji Manjari-rupa dd.

     Upon returning to the temple, devotees were welcomed by Vidriti Prabhu, who had prepared a big lunch for them.

     The Zenica prison  reported our visit on their main web site: http://www.kpzzt.gov.ba/

at this link: http://www.kpzzt.gov.ba/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=102:hare-krina&catid=1:latest-news&Itemid=50

     Please find some photographs from this event attached and a video at the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjNRflBQIPs&feature=youtu.be

     We are planning to continue with similair activities in the Tuzla prison in the near future. Please give us your blessing so that we are successful there too, for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.

     I, myself was very excited to take part in this noble mission. Of all our devotee musicians, I am the only amateur and am very privileged to be able to serve in singing and playing for Krishna with such advanced musicians.